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Legal Leads Depot creates lead generating websites for attorneys who are searching for an alternative source on the web which will help produce more leads for their law firms. Our professional web designers and search engine optimization experts have a wealth of experience in creating websites that produce real time legal leads. We can provide lead generating websites for attorneys in all practice areas of law in order to capture new business and to enhance their law firm visibility and branding on the web.  


Your law firm can have its own lead generating website which would produce hot leads in your service area, instead of paying from $50 to $150 a piece for leads which usually result in a very low conversion rate. For the same price that it would cost you to buy just 15 leads at $50 per lead, you could have a lead generating website which would target your law firm's practice area and your geographic service area bringing you real time leads all year long.  


Depending on the leasing plan that you choose, we will build you a 5 page lead generating website which includes top shelf search engine optimization for up to 5 practice areas targeting 20 to 200 cities, counties and states that make up your service area.
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Select a web design template that captures your style or get a custom designed website if you prefer. Choose an available domain name that we can buy reasonably to use for your website with our hosting.
Order and Pay for your website and send us your content along with the following information Practice areas, keyword phrases for the SEO campaign including the cities, counties and states you want to target.

Purchase the domain name that you selected or one very similar to it. Provide hosting on our server for the term of your 1 year lease. Create your website based on the design type chosen & content that you supply.
Create the SEO pages to target the service and practice areas chosen. Upload the web design and SEO pages to the server for indexing. Monitor the SEO pages of the website monthly to ensure top rankings.

Why buy leads when you can have a professional lead generating website that can produce high quality leads for your law firm all year long? Learn more...

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