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The answer is simple. The conversion rate on most leads that you buy is very low, usually from 2% to 10%. The leads that are generated from the website that we customize with your law firm name produces a much higher conversion rate, typically from 25% to 40%, because it is targets from one to four practice areas of law and the geographic service area where your prospective clients are located. Another factor that determines conversion success is how skilled and timely you are in selling the prospective client on using your legal services.

Our chief webmaster and SEO expert, Eric Bragg, (who is also the Founder and President of Viking Web Group) has been optimizing websites since 1998 and has created in excess of 50,000 optimized client web pages that have been highly ranked on the world's top search engines, Google, Yahoo & Bing!

Why buy legal leads that rarely convert and waste a great deal of money, time and effort when you can easily have a lead generating website that can produce high quality real time leads all year long?

Here is a brief example of what you can expect from some lead generation companies even in today's marketplace. Awhile ago, working with a partner company, we purchased 600 leads and resold them to a client. These leads were from one of the biggest and most popular lead suppliers available on the web. The downside came several months later when the client realized that the conversion rate on the leads purchased was not 20%, not 10% but 0%!

We were amazed at how bad these leads actually were until we discovered how most of the lead generation companies produce their leads and how most of the people in this business operate unbeknownst to the buyers. We have tried many different lead sources over the years and arrived at the same conclusion every time, conversion was simply too low or non-existent.

Our conversion success is based on creating a quality designed website and utilizing top shelf search engine optimization that brands your law firm name and targets your practice areas of law and service area. By doing this, the leads produced come from the very internet viewers or prospective clients that you, as an attorney, wish to attract. The conversion rate is much higher and our clients are very satisfied with our results.

*Important Note: We can create a lead generating website for any practice area of law. Just let us know what you are interested in and we will do everything we can to accommodate you. If expanding your footprint on the web to attract more business for your firm intrigues you, then please call us today at 800-714-9430 ext #2.


If you want more business for your law firm, you would be wise to lease a lead generating website designed & optimized by Legal Leads Depot! 

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